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50 Artists Assignment

50 artists assignment for PHOTO 113

1. Paccarik Orue

The quality of light in Paccarik Orue's photographs make any regular everyday scene look truly outstanding.

2. Jens Liebchan

His series called "Crossing L.A." consists of photos of L.A. taken from the perspective of a driving car.

3. Yuji Hamada

Yuji creates mountainous landscapes using tinfoil and the sky. His work reminds me of my home in Salt Lake City and makes me feel homesick.

4. Katharine MacDaid

From her series "Of Calling Shapes and Beckoning Shadows" these photographs are very minimalistic but also very inspiring and aesthetically pleasing. Her use of color in her work is absolutely outstanding.

5. Elizabeth Fleming

From her collection, "Life is a Series of Small Moments," these photographs are a glimpse into her

everyday life and how that life is affected by having children.

6. Kazuyoshi Usui

Usui's use of color in her photography is one of the many qualities of her work that makes her stand out from everyone else.

7. Nicolò Sertorio

His photography focuses on rest stops and how they have lost their functions so they are now all about form. "Symmetry, emptiness and beauty confront their own meaninglessness in relation to the landscape." -Nicolò Sertorio

8. Cig Harvey

Harvey's use of simplicity in his photography is simple but also impactful. He says, "It is a series about paying attention to and appreciating the fragile present. You an Orchestra You a Bomb captures moments of awe, makes icons of the everyday, and looks at life on the threshold between magic and disaster."

9. Bertil Nilsson

Nilsson's work focuses on the naked human form and its relationship with nature. He emphasizes this relationship using elements like body language and color to show emotions and connections.

10. Samuel Bland

These photographs are from a series that Bland did while he walked across his home country of England. It took him 54 days to complete and he walked the entire way without the use of any vehicles or transportation. The finished project includes words, images, a graphic representation of his trajectory throughout the country, as well as old photographs from his past and of his family.

11. Mark Schacter

Schacter captures the beauty of the Earth during Autumn in a beautiful way which really captivates the viewer.

12. Guy Tal

Guy resides in a remote part of Utah, in a high desert region known as the Colorado Plateau – a place that inspired him deeply for much of his life and that continues to feature in his images and writing.

13. Linda Troeller

These photographs are an intimate glimpse into a feminine New York photographer’s private life. It expands more than five decades and also captures the history of contemporary photography.

14. Maciek Jasik

"The focus only reaches part of the figure. The rest is a blur in a vibrant, limitless sea of color, a confluence of emotions and feelings; this evokes the traces of memory we have for each other. The limited focus demonstrates our inability to ever fully understand each other. This action becomes so pronounced, genders can be difficult to discern; even the basics can’t be taken for granted."

-Maciek Jasik

15. Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman focuses on mainly photographing bright objects such as the moon, the sun, planets and bright stars. Subjects that show themselves as well from the city as from dark rural skies.

16. Jeffery Conley

Jeffrey Conley is a fine art landscape photographer who is well known for his black and white prints. His prints are made in a variety of sizes utilizing the traditional darkroom processes.

17. Colleen Mullins

This work is an examination of the urban forest of New Orleans, forever altered by a 70% canopy loss at the hands of Katrina in 2005, that has since suffered unbelievable indignities at the hands of man.

18. Jan Caga

Jan Caga, an award winning photographer, was born in a small industrial town Hodonin, Czechoslovakia in 1976. After graduating from university in Art Design he began working as a freelance magazine/journal photographer. Later he started to work mainly on long-term fine art projects, exploring the status of contemporary society.

19. Marion Belanger

Rift /Fault portrays moments of quiet anticipation in settings that shift between the wild and the contained, the fertile and the barren, the geologic and the human. The dichotomy creates a visual tension that questions the uneasy relationship between geologic force and the limits of human intervention.

20. Catherine Hyland

Taking its name from the Italian for ‘beautiful view’, Belvedere is an ongoing project that seeks to draw attention to the historical and cultural concepts of landscape deeply embedded in the development of contemporary leisure sites.

21. Ross Williams

"The selection of images showcased in this project are a poetic document of contemporary Berlin as it attempts to shape its future and they are also a portrait of myself. I tried to lose myself within this unfamiliar environment to gain clarity of Berlin and a better understanding of my work."

- Ross Williams

22. Len Jenshel

This project explores the two great American obsessions with landscape - the romance of the wild frontier and the need to conquer and control that very same wilderness. This unique and humorous account of the land shows the effects of the automobile, tourism, and development of the landscape, and how it is punctuated by the great myth of the American West.

23. Olaf Unverzart

Olaf is a graduate of the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig finished with Diploma for "Fine Art Photography". He currently teaches photography at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.

24. Melissa Kaseman

Interested in photography's capability to suspend moments of transition, which are often over looked or forgotten, left only to be sensed when a memory is triggered, Melissa uses photography as a language to visually describe the moments that are significant to her life experience.

25. Jeffrey Crandell

Jeff Crandell was born in Bronxville New York in 1954. He studied communications at American University in Washington D.C. and film at the New School in New York. He uses long exposure shots to create these amazing images of the ocean.

26. Melissa Squires

"I look for those quiet moments that create introspection, images turning into reflecting pools, allowing the viewer to see something from an in between moment, something ordinary but at the same time mysterious."

- Melissa Squires

27. Natalie Christensen

This body of work is an exploration of the meditation technique called "active imagination," developed by Carl Jung. These images are a personal examination of symbols, inviting the viewer to consider loss, secrets, loneliness, self-doubt, and woundedness.

28. Michael Cappabianca

Michael Cappabianca examines the still life of things as they inform the necessary in relationship to the referent in photographic practice. His is an art of framing, not only in the masterful understanding of composition, but in a visual rhetoric exploring the very conditions for an image to exist at all.

29. Jeff Alu

All of these were shot while hiking through remote areas in the deserts and hills in Southern California. These images were shot using a Kodak DC-280 2.0 megapixel digital camera in color, and converted to black and white/dodged and burned in Photoshop.

30. Sean Perry

Sean Perry is a fine-art photographer living and working in New York City and Austin, Texas. His photographs and books center on architecture – the ambiance felt within built environments. He is currently completing three series/books on New York City entitled Monolith, Gotham and Fotopolis, as well as exhibiting a recently completed body of work on the dreamscape of temporary environments, Fairgrounds.

31. Mary Kocol

Blooms and ice are temporary; the photograph becomes the permanent art object – the record that they once briefly existed. This work reflects that which is ethereal, exquisite, spiritual, and ephemeral. The suspended blooms are evocative of art historical works such as the whimsical floral details in Botticelli’s painting Birth of Venus, where flowers fall against sky and sea and the floral laden landscapes of Fragonard.

32. Burton Pritzker

"Architecture, to me, is about the enclosure of light so, having been trained as an architect and not being able to work outside one winter, I set about capturing light with paper. This lead to building paper sculptures that I would then light and photograph. It is the pure impact of color, light and form that drove these images." - Burton Pritzker

33. Jon Kulkin

The goal of the Equilibrium series is to draw attention to the delicate balance that exists between the 3 realms of nature: land, water and air. Each image in the series blends all 3 elements in such a way that it challenges the viewer to distinguish the boundary where one ends and another begins.

34. Rob Hann

"I’m seeking out the magic that still exists somewhere out there despite that creeping blandness. I’m looking for things that I find interesting but also things that are beautiful. If I can take a photograph that combines both interest and beauty then I’m happy." - Rob Hann

35. Ville Kansanen

The Procession of Spectres engages with vast landscapes to examine the fragmentary nature of the human condition and the emergence of self.

36. Grace Kim

Grace Kim uses photography, moving images, and sound installations to explore subliminal constructs of time, existence, and memory. Her work is a personal inquiry into the nature/perception of reality, and the physical, psychological and spiritual dialogues that inform it.

37. Suzy Poling

These are large format photographs of Geothermal Features and Geysers at taken Yellowstone. Her photographs examine the abstract qualities and the delicate violence of these scalding caverns reaching beyond the Earth’s crust and the colorful bacteria mat, known as Magma Phenomenon.

38. Jessica Williams

Jessica Williams is an interdisciplinary artist born in Alaska and based in Oslo, Norway. Working primarily with photography, writing and new media, her primary concerns are physicality, language, and relationships.

39. Taylor Jorjorian

Taylor is a contemporary photographic artist living and working near Nashville. She is self taught and all of these photographs are purely photographs and not photoshopped or manipulated in any way.

40. Karin Rosenthal

Karin's desire to photograph nudes was born of the water, she has a passion for being in and meditating upon still waters. When she was attending art school, she never thought the subject she would be focusing her work on would be nudes.

41. Alison Hoornbeek

Alison Hoornbeek studied photography and film at Hampshire College. After graduating, she spent many years photographing for non-profit organizations, which led her to spend a great deal of time in the Far East. Here she also studied the traditions and philosophies of Eastern Cultures.

42. Brad Wilson

Brad Wilson's work is some of the most inspiring work I've come across in a long time. His series, The Glass Wall, is my favorite set of photographs I've seen in a while and it's incredible.

43. Alessandro Imbriaco

Alessandro Imbriaco was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1980. He currently living in Rome and works on both editorial and personal photographic projects. His body of work called "The Garden" focuses on a place in Rome that was supposed to be protected by the government but after failing to turn it into a game reserve the garden was abandoned and left unprotected.

44. Peter Baker

Peter Baker's work focuses on color and also simplicity. His work ranges from portraits to architecture photography and he has had his works published in many familiar places such as National Geographic.

45. Jeff Rich

Jeff Rich’s work focuses on water issues ranging from recreation and sustainability to exploitation and abuse. Jeff explores these subjects by using long-term photographic documentations of very specific regions of the United States. Jeff received his MFA in photography at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Jeff's project “Watershed: A Survey of The French Broad River Basin” was recently awarded the 2010 Critical Mass Book Award.

46. Cynthia Greig

Cynthia is fascinated by the persuasive power of photography and its unique role in shaping our image of the world and negotiating what we believe to be real or true. As two-dimensional fragments of time and space all photographs vacillate between fact and fiction, concealing as much as they reveal.

47. Max Hooper Schneide

The 34-year-old artist was schooled in biology and urban design at NYU and in landscape architecture at Harvard. In recent years, he has been turning heads for what he calls “Trans-Habitats,” otherworldly live ecosystems housed in unlikely vessels: A ’50s-era vertical-load Kenmore dishwasher, piled high with glassware, becomes a black-lit aquatic reef; a VHS player sheathed in moss plays a bootleg concert tape inside an acrylic vitrine; a terrarium is home to a landscape joining car parts, animal matter, plastic plants, and glowing neon signs.

48. Takahiro Iwasaki

Everyday objects like toothbrushes, duct tape, and kimonos serve as the foundation of Japanese artist Iwasaki’s miniature sculptures. Exquisitely detailed, these architectural works are sometimes replicas of historic sites such as Hiroshima’s Itsukushima Shrine. Other sculptures reflect the skyline of modern-day Japan, with delicate Ferris wheels crafted from thread or electrical towers composed of strands of hair.

49. Rhys Coren

Jazz rhythms and EDM beats inspire the London-based Coren’s buoyant, pleasure-filled visual language, expressed through digital animations and finely painted marquetry—inlaid works made from many small pieces of wood. His works are primarily abstract, with crisp grids, whimsical clouds, and spaghetti-like swirls of line play in soft, muted colors and sprays of spattered texture.

50. Zadie Xa

The Korean-Canadian, London-based Xa’s works span electric pink varsity jackets, embroidered tapestries edged with fringe, small figurative sculptures, and spirited performances. They bring together personal narratives and fantasy, with hints of both the ’90s and Korean traditions. Identity is a driving force across her practice, inspired by her place among the Korean diaspora, and a commitment to representing people of color.