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Starving Artist

"A starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork."

I'm back! After a long creative drought I finally came up with some decent photographs to share. For my PHOTO 113 class we had to pick a character out of a bucket and then portray that character through a self portrait. My character was obviously "starving artist" which I thought would be really awesome. After picking this character I instantly had the thought of just drowning myself in paint since that is basically all that we artists do here at art school. I laid down a bunch of brown paper in my dorm room and hung a sheet from the ceiling and went straight to work. It was so cold and gross!! Also on the box of the Crayola Washable Paint it clearly said not to use on the face or skin and I did it anyways. It burned pretty bad while it was drying onto my skin but it came off pretty easily in the shower afterwords.

I feel like there are some people from back home who don't fully support me and the choices I have made with going to school at SCAD. I am following my passion and my dreams out here and so what if I'm not going to school to be a doctor or for business.. I'm doing what makes me happy and I'm not going to settle for a career that doesn't make me happy. Why wouldn't you want your passion to be your career? I really hope I'm inspiring at least one person back in Utah that it's okay to follow your dreams and leave Utah. SO WHAT if I'm going to art school?! It's amazing and way more fun than a regular school and the employment rate out of SCAD is 98%!! And it's not just for local companies, it's for HUGE companies like Disney, Dreamworks, Vogue, IBM, Google and so many more. The one thing that I am 100% willing to invest my money in is education. It is going to pay off big time when I'm super successful and living my best life. I feel like I have made the right financial and personal choices this past year and I can't wait to see what the rest of my time here at SCAD brings to me. I love my school and I love being able to follow my passion and my dreams. Enjoy these self portraits!

xoxo Sav