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5 Things You'll Miss About Utah

If you have lived in Utah your entire life, you start to take it for granted. Up until my 18th year in Utah, it was the norm for people to say things like, "I hate Utah" and "Utah is the worst state to live in." After moving across the country to Georgia, I miss Utah more and more every day. These are the top 5 things you will miss about Utah once you move away.

1. Fry Sauce

Do not even get me started on fry sauce. I get so many looks in the dining hall while I am scooping up ketchup and mayonnaise onto my plate and mixing them together like a crazy person. Everyone who isn't from Utah thinks this is literal insanity. If you are reading this in Utah you should thank your lucky stars that restaurants there sell packaged fry sauce and you don't have to look like a nasty weirdo making it yourself.

2. Beans and Brews

I love Starbucks as much as the next white girl, but sometimes I really just need an Iced Caramel Cielo in my life okay?

3. In n Out

Okay this is just more of a west coast kind of deal but still. I have to go over half of the year without animal style everything and a strawberry shake. I'm tired of living like a savage, someone please build an In n Out here in Savannah!!

4. The Wasatch Front

It's annoying to look out my window and see an endless sky with average sunsets. I like being able to see an end to the sky with our massive mountains and beautiful sunsets. Not to mention our terrible pollution that causes those beautiful sunsets.

5. The Jazz Games

Like any other Utahn I love my Utah Jazz. The games are just so fun to go to and we are actually starting to be good again which is even more exciting. I like going to a game and actually being able to leave saying we won! Rudy Gobert and Gordon Hayward will have my heart for all eternity! Go Jazz (: