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For the Fam ❤️

Dear Family,


Wowowowow it's so hard being 2,000 miles away from you guys! I feel like you people don't think I'm actually doing any "real" school down here but I swear I am! Art school is a bitch! I know that drawing doesn't seem like hard homework but you try drawing a 34 inch self portrait with colored pencils!!


Okay I'll admit that right now it is pretty easy but it's the calm before the storm I swear. I'm designing Kylie jenner's wallpaper for her breakfast nook in her Calabasas mansion for my color theory class, and I'm making a hybrid of an animal and a plant in my 3D Design class. It's about to get crazy up in here!


If you lovely relatives of mine are feeling generous at any point in time I'm going to post my address if you want to send a letter or a care-package my way you will have it! Also we have this thing called SCAD Cash and it's money that goes onto our student IDs that we can use like a debit card so I will leave the instructions for that down at the end as well if you're feeling even in the slightest bit generous and want to prove your love and affection to me...


I will be updating my blog more starting soon and I will upload pictures of all the work I've been doing so I can prove to you all I'm doing real hard adult work! Also!!! If you want to book me for a family portrait session or any sort of session I will be back at the beginning of June and I will head back to Savannah at the beginning of September, so book now to save a spot because they're going fast with my limited schedule! If the session you're looking for isn't on the website just shoot me an email and we can figure something out! AND NO JUST BECAUSE WE ARE FAMILY DOESNT MEAN ITS FREE OR DISCOUNTED. I'm at art school for christ's sake people! I can't afford to discount anything ever for the next 4 years!! But tips are vigorously accepted so keep that in mind lol!


Thank you for supporting me and believing in my crazy idea to move across the country for art. It will all be worth it when Westley and I are hosting family dinner parties in our mansion on the mountainside! Love you crazy people!


My mailing address:

Savannah Swensen

235 W Boundary Street

Savannah, GA



Donate to the Savannah is broke charity:

Google "SCAD Cash"

Click on the first link that comes up

Scroll down and click on "Make a Deposit"

Click on "Make a Guest Deposit"

Enter my last name "Swensen"

Enter my ID number: 001898712

Click "Contribute"


And fill out the rest and you've saved me from buying expensive art supplies with my own nonexistent money!


Thank you again!